At Birbaboti our aim has always been to do something that would impact the environment and the society positively. Our positive approach’s core value requires us to be Eco-Friendly.

While we set out to empower women and solve the challenges faced by women, we also wanted to do this by bringing positive change to the environment we encompass.

A true Eco-Friendly Approach

We ensure that we maintain standards from the quality of the material we select. We thoroughly inspect the practices of our sources as well, and only work with the firms that have the same values as ours. Our material choices are natural fibres primarily mostly in the most raw state before we process them for production.

Our premises are upto 90% dependant on renewable energy, while we maintain a clean recycleable materials and process to conserve resources. The conservation of resources also help in bringing the costs down, so our customers have great quality at the best prices.

Our process is very streamlined, and each of us care about craftmanship. We are rewarded by the management heavily as per our quality. Birbaboti ensures the maintainence a healthy work life balance for the team.

More Information

Birbaboti is a visually appealing bug. The collective of Birbaboti is known to be dominated by the females. And this also shows in our brand’s values. You can learn more about Birbaboti by visiting the about page, click here.

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Our main business is in wholesale and export. If you are looking to set up your own store, or are looking for larger orders, clicking here

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