France is a country in Western Europe that includes medieval cities, alpine villages, and Mediterranean beaches. Its capital, Paris, is famous for its fashion houses, classical art museums such as the Louvre, and monuments such as the Eiffel Tower. The country is also known for its fine wines and refined cuisine. Its rich history is attested to by Lascaux’s ancient cave drawings, Lyon’s Roman theatre, and the vast Palace of Versailles.

We at Birbaboti export women’s apparel to France in wholesale on a regular basis.

Paris is the city that makes up 100% of our exports to the country.

French people prefer to wear western style clothing. But there is a steep interest rise in Islamic or modest wear as well.

Most of our orders that we get from French are Modest wear clothing making upto 60% of our exports to the nation. At second place we have western wear clothing with our special designs at about 26%. At a close third place we get orders for Uniforms which makes up to 10% of our exports. 4% of our exports are ethnic clothing to the country.

The most important aspect of the apparels exported to France is the requirement of the materials to be more winter friendly as the temperatures there get too cold like they do in the other western states.

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